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Land Management

Land Management

Land Management is an asset management strategy utilizing project - specific systems and practices to protect and increase the property’s annual appreciation. We take a different approach to managing land and we do so in a socially responsible manner with sustainability, conservation, and water quality issues being actively addressed.

Hawaii Vegetation Control, LLC land management approach provides an intense focus on five target areas to achieve desired outcomes: Conservation, Sustainability, Drainage, Fertility, and Yields.​

  • Weed Management​

  • Hydroseeding / Revegetation

  • Soil preparation

  • Tree care

  • Fire breaks

  • Pasture Management

  • Soil conditioning

  • Habitat Enhancement and Conservation

  • Fencing 




Weed and invasive species control

Although we provide a wide range of chemical application (spraying) services, it is our belief that this method of control should not be the immediate answer to a weed problem. Taking an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to your weed problems will provide a cost effective environmentally responsible longer-term solution. Hawaii Vegetation Control, LLC through best management practices will ensure your property retains its value and weeds are kept in check. 

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